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Take your favourite birdgame anywhere you want without losing the physical feeling of playing a boardgame.

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Wingflight is not an official Stonemaier Games app, but it was created with permission from Stonemaier Games and Monster Couch. All credit for the wonderful board game “Wingspan” goes to Stonemaier Games and game designer Elizabeth Hargrave.

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Digital & physical perfectly combined

Wingflight makes travelling with the boardgame Wingspan much easier. Instead of bringing all game material you can use Wingflight as your game assistant and save lots of space in your bags. Wingflight enables you to play Wingspan anywhere you want: The local pub, your favourite café or on your next holiday! Our goal was to create an app that makes you benefit from the digital aspect without losing the physical feeling of playing a boardgame.

All you need to bring

Wingflight what to bring

All you need to bring

Wingflight what to bring

Wingflight features

You can play Wingspan with as many friends as you want to! The online play function in Wingflight synchronizes the birdfeeder across all devices.

Your scores are automatically added to the final scoresheet. You only need to manually put in the bird, tucked card and bonus scores & press one button to see the final score.

The current Wingflight version supports the Base Game, European, Oceania & Asia Expansion as well as Nectar and Duet Mode. 

Supported expansions

Base Game &
European Expansion

Base Game Wingspan on Wingflight

Nectar &
Oceania Expansion

Oceania Wingspan on Wingflight

Duet Mode &
Asia Expansion

Duet Mode Wingspan on Wingflight

About Wingspan

Wingspan is an enthralling board game that takes players on a thrilling journey through the diverse world of birds and their habitats. Wingspan has become a sensation among board game enthusiasts worldwide.

What is Wingspan?

Wingspan is a board game designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and published by Stonemaier Games. Set in a tranquil and beautiful natural setting, players take on the roles of bird enthusiasts, ornithologists, and researchers, striving to attract a diverse array of bird species to their wildlife preserves. The game combines strategic gameplay, stunning artwork, and educational components that immerse players in the fascinating world of avian wonders.

A visual & strategic gameplay

One of the standout features of Wingspan is its breathtaking artwork. The game showcases illustrated bird cards, each depicting a unique bird species with detailed descriptions. The attention to detail in the illustrations brings the avian world to life, captivating players and enhancing their overall gaming experience. At the heart of Wingspan lies its engaging and strategic gameplay. Players compete to attract birds with different abilities and habitats, aiming to create thriving ecosystems within their preserves. With limited actions each turn, players must carefully plan their moves, weighing the benefits of each bird species and their respective powers. The game’s depth and variety allow for endless replayability, making each session a unique and enriching experience. 

Educational and Inspiring

Beyond its entertainment value, Wingspan offers educational benefits as well. The game incorporates factual information about various bird species, their habitats, and behaviours, sparking players‘ curiosity about the natural world. As players immerse themselves in the roles of bird enthusiasts and researchers, they inadvertently learn about the diversity of avian life, fostering an appreciation for conservation and biodiversity.